Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Super HOT Rite aid 1/20-1/26 Scenario: Purex, GE Bulbs, Deodorant and Stride Gum

Riteaid 1/20-1/26 scenario to get everything under $1.50.

Buy Six stride id gum for $6
Buy two Sure deodorant for $3.29 ( or Brut deodorant for $3.49)
Buy 1 GE CFL light bulbs for $3.99 ( you also can buy two)
Buy two Purex detergent for $5

Total- $18.29

Use Stride ID three or two B1G1F printable coupon
Use $1 light bulb coupon from 1/6 Smartsource
Use two $1 Purex coupon from 1/6 Redplum

Pay $13.29, and get back $12 UP ($4, $4 $3, $1). Everything for $1.29.  If you have only two Stride coupons, your total will be $2.29.

Thanks. Amit Let us know if this deal worked for you in comments section. Don't forget to share link with your friends and follow us on facebook and twitter.


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