Tuesday, March 26, 2013

25 cents 7up/Sunkist and AA/AAA Batteries 4 pk Walgreens Scenario 3/31

 Here is one day 3/31 - 25 cents scenario.


$1 RR wyb 2-Liter Soda: 7-Up Ten, A&W Ten, SunKist Ten, Canada Dry Ten or Dr. Pepper Ten, $1
99 cents Walgreens Alkaline Batteries, AA or AAA, 4 pk.

Total - $1.99

Use 75 cents coupon from 3/3 Spring Flavor insert for 7 up ten or Sunkist ten or Canda dry ten or Dr pepper ten.

25 cents deal: Pay $1.25 and and get $1 RR. Coupon  exp 3/31 only.   

Btw, 99 cents Batteries deal valid 3/31-4/6 is a steal,  just for price comparison, Energizer 8 pk is on $6.99 sale.

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