Sunday, March 24, 2013

Next April P&G Insert on 3/31

April P&G insert coming on 3/31.

Complete 3/31 April P&G Preview is posted.  See preview here.

Many nice coupons including $3/2 Pantene, $3/2 Covergirl, $2 off Clariol hair color, $1 off 2 Pamper Diapers, Tide $1.50/2, $1 Luv diapers, $2 off Zzzquil, $1/2 Hair&Shoulders, $1/2 Aussie or Herbal essence, $1.50 off Crest  rinse 473 ml+, 25 cents Dawn $10 MIR Crest 3dwhite strips and more.  I will update this post once we know complete April P&G preview. HTH.

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  1. amit u said many nice coupons but i dont think these are that great:

    $1.50 off 2 Pamper Diapers, ($2/2 or $3/2 is more helpful now that they have since the amount in the box has gotten less and the price gone high!)
    Tide $1.50/2, (this also the box has shrunk and even the coupon but the price still the same)
    $1/2 Hair&Shoulders, ($1/1 is more worth i will be tape these coupons at the store since i find them useless)
    $1/2 Aussie or Herbal essence, (same not worth it so will tape these coupons at the store for others if they find it worth using)

    only nice coupons i see are:
    $3/2 Pantene,
    $3/2 Covergirl,
    $2 off Clariol hair color,
    $1 Luv diapers,
    $2 off Zzzquil,
    $1.50 off Crest rinse 473 ml+,
    $0.25 cents Dawn (i guess this is ok)
    $10 MIR Crest 3dwhite strips

    1. are 3 reasons I said many nice coupons.

      will u change ur view now?

  2. wait for my match up...there are good coupons out there..haha