Thursday, March 5, 2015

Free Candy at CVS with $2/3 Mars/Wrigley Chocolate Coupon and More

I think its free Candy deals week at CVS, check out two easy free candy deals below.

Free Candy Deal 1 at CVS : M&M candy in plastic eggs, Starbursts and Life Saver Jelly Beans 2oz are part of the 2/$1 Easter novelty candy .63oz-6oz sale so buy four, use $2/3 printable for free deal. Thanks WUC. Note coupon beeps on Starburst, Life saver even its valid coupon and needs to be verified by cashier, but no beep on M&M candy in plastic eggs so great free deal. I would advise to buy M&M for beepless transaction.

$2/3 Candy Coupon Print Link

Free Candy Deal 2 at CVS: Get $0.87 ECB wyb Cadbury or Hershey's Singles 0.95-1.56 oz. $0.87 Limit 1. Buy 1 for 87 cents, get back 87 cents ECB. 

Combined Scenario: Buy four Starbursts or Life Saver Jelly Beans 2oz  and one Cadbury or Hershey's Singles 0.95-1.56 oz for $2.87, use $2/4 candy coupon, pay 87 cents and get 87 cents back.

Note: Candy coupon has no size restriction so you can buy smaller sizes. This is a manufacturer coupon with CVS logo, and can be used anywhere. Walmart, Target sell M&M, Starburst eggs for only $1. Coupon detail: Save $2.00 on any 3 Starburst or Life Savers Jelly Beans, M&M Easter Chocolate Candies and/or Dove Chocolate Eggs or Bunnies.

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